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MH Partners specializes in IT/IP, commercial and labor law

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We provide legal services in the following areas for local and foreign corporate clients: formation, administration (corporate governance), liquidation of corporations purchase/ sale of enterprise transfer of business shares, stocks and other assets intra-group relationships enforcement of contractual claims preparation of legal opinions provision of complex legal services to foreign…


Our day-to-day practice represents drafting, reviewing, negotiation and risk evaluation, particularly, of the following contracts: purchase contract work contract agency contract freight contract assignment contract lease agreement warehousing contract license agreement (sw) implementation contract (sw) service agreement (sw)

Personal Data Protection

We have successfully implemented GDPR in mid-size corporations, hence we have the ability to: consult individual aspects of disposition with personal data in corporations revise mandatory internal regulations proving compliance with GDPR create processes necessary for fulfilment of obligations towards subjects of personal data setup contractual relations between administrators and…

Milan Holeček

Attorney specialised in IT/IP, corporate law, labor law, personal data protection and dispute resolution.

For more than 15 years, I’ve been involved in legal advisory for corporations and individuals, particularly, in IT/IP, corporate law, labor law and dispute resolution.

As part of my legal practice, I’ve prepared hundreds of contracts and legal opinions in various areas of law, concluded dozens of acquisition transactions (incl. crossbroder), provided advisory in regulated businesses such as securities custody (Czech National Bank), energy trading (Energy Regulatory Office), operation of civil aircraft (Civil Aviation Office), personal data protection (Personal Data Protection Office), real estate management (Cadastral Office) and industrial property (Industrial Property Office). I’ve published several articles and organised seminars, particularly, in IP/IT and contractual law.

I’ve studied at Law Faculty of Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic), Law Faculty of Lund University in Lund (Sweden) and American Academy in Istanbul (Turkey).

I can provide legal services in Czech, English and Turkish language.

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