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Advokátní kancelář MH Legal zaměřená na obchodní a IT právo

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We provide legal services in the following areas for local and foreign corporate clients: formation, administration (corporate governance), liquidation of corporations purchase/ sale of enterprise transfer of business shares, stocks and other assets intra-group relationships enforcement of contractual claims preparation of legal opinions provision of complex legal services to foreign…


Our day-to-day practice represents drafting, reviewing, negotiation and risk evaluation, particularly, of the following contracts: purchase contract work contract agency contract freight contract assignment contract lease agreement warehousing contract license agreement (sw) implementation contract (sw) service agreement (sw)

Personal Data Protection

We have successfully implemented GDPR in mid-size corporations, hence we have the ability to: consult individual aspects of disposition with personal data in corporations revise mandatory internal regulations proving compliance with GDPR create processes necessary for fulfilment of obligations towards subjects of personal data setup contractual relations between administrators and…

About us

We provide creative solutions that gets the attention of our global clients.

We do enterprise grade WordPress development and consultancy for high-profile clients across the globe but we’re still the kind of people you’d like to go for a coffee with!

We specialise in high-end WordPress development and consultancy for Enterprise & Big Media. Typically involving a high degree of custom development with a focus on performance & security at scale.

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