Our law office provides legal services to corporations as well as individuals. We are capable to prepare legal documents in Czech, English, German and Turkish language. 15 years of expertise in law gives us professional background in IT/IP law, corporate law, contractual law, labor law and real estate law. Our related activities include organisation of seminars, performance of due diligence, monetary escrow and financial stability checks. Apart from our main focus, we provide legal advisory in the following areas of law:

  • corporations
  • contracts
  • employment matters
  • representation before authorities and courts
  • legal audits
  • investment advisory

We also offer related services:

  • business partner solvency checks
  • legalization of signatures
  • legalization and conversion of documents
  • monetary escrow, software escrow
  • securing of evidence
  • organisation of educational seminars
  • translations from/to Czech, English, German and Turkish

We cooperate with tax advisors, accountants, notaries and executors.